Ritz Carlton Hotel
900 Olympic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(213) 743-8824

WP24 is a gem from Wolfgang Puck. Thus the WP. The 24 comes from the location – 24th floor of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

Want ambiance? You get it in the softly lighted but not dark room. Want view? The lights of L.A. spread like a carpet of diamonds in every direction. Want great food? Bingo.

The food is what Puck calls “modern Asian cuisine.” Jennifer and I have been there several times and will be going back often. I chose the private dining room off the main room for my 75th birthday party.

Here’s the take on a dinner for four that we shared with our cousins Barry and Beverly during their visit from Toronto.

Three appetizes and three mains shared four ways was plenty of food. We might have ordered more were it not for our very helpful waiter. As appetizers we selected Maine lobster spring rolls, crispy suckling pig, and crystal chive dumplings with king crab and shrimp. For the mains our choices were Assam Curry Seafood “Hot Pot”, Crispy Wolfe Ranch Quail, and grilled Sonoma lamb chops.

The menu changes by season and by what’s fresh in the local markets. So, check the website if you must. Or just brave it. We’ve never been disappointed by anything we picked from the menu.

Desserts are appropriate to the style of the restaurant. There’s a good selection of wine and a full bar for the hard stuff. For me, however, with Asian food I prefer beer.

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