WHERE TO EAT IN L.A. / what our readers have to say

By Larry Levine – Ask 10 people in to name their favorite restaurant for a celebration dinner and you’ll get at least 20 recommendations. Big city or small town, west coast, east coast or in the middle, people everywhere will be passionate about the places they like... Read More


By Larry Levine – Ask someone to name his or her favorite burger restaurant and no matter what the answer, someone else will throw out the name of a place they like better. Then there’s the debate over which is the preferred meet for a burger – Angus, Chuck, or... Read More


By Larry Levine – From south to north California boasts some outstanding Italian restaurants. As you travel the state this summer, you may want to consider a stop at one or more of the following. In the Brooklyn neighborhood, where I spent the first decade of my... Read More