LET’S TALK DELI / stop claiming what’s new is old

By Larry Levine – Let’s talk deli – Jewish deli. It will be a discussion inspired by the latest edition of Bon Appetit. The cover of the September issue touts: “Holy pastrami. The Jewish deli is back.” That’s more than enough to pique my curiosity and send me... Read More

FOOD BOOK REVIEW – “Save the Deli”

By Larry Levine – “Save the Deli” by David Sax tracks the history of Ashkenazi Jews – the plight they faced as they were chased around the globe, scapegoated, killed and survived for hundreds of years. And it is the story of the food they took with them... Read More


By Larry Dietz – Sure, New York City is a great restaurant town. Why shouldn’t it be? It’s got people with money and expense accounts. Many city residents live in apartments with tiny kitchens, which makes ambitious cooking at home difficult. And just as important, it... Read More


By Larry Levine – If the second highest grossing independently owned and operated restaurant in the nation can’t make it, what does that say about a) the state of the restaurant business, b) the economy, c) the management of the place, d) the City of New York,... Read More