By Larry Levine – The sun was bright and the morning temperature had inched north of 60 degrees on the way to a high of 69 for the day. It was the third day of winter and the Studio City Farmers’ Market in the San Fernando Valley neighborhood of Los Angeles was... Read More

SOUP’S ON / healthy, hearty, easy fish soup

By Larry Levine – My mother used to make the best fish soup I’ve ever tasted – not chowder; it was actual soup. But she left no recipe. I don’t know what she used to flavor it, or what kind(s) of fish she used. I do remember it was tomato based and there were no... Read More

SOUP’S ON / dad’s favorite Navy bean soup

By Larry Levine – White bean soup, Navy bean soup, Senate bean soup, Yankee bean soup … Call it what you want. But it’s still bean soup and on a cold winter evening it will warm the chilliest of bones. I grew up in a soup household. There was nothing my father,... Read More

SOUP’S ON / chicken soup like Mom made it

By Larry Levine – “Is it really colder than I remember it ever being, or am I just getting older and less able to deal with it?” A friend asked me that question in the closing days of 2014. I told him it’s probably some of each. Another friend said recently, “The best... Read More