SOUP’S ON / healthy, hearty, easy fish soup

By Larry Levine – My mother used to make the best fish soup I’ve ever tasted – not chowder; it was actual soup. But she left no recipe. I don’t know what she used to flavor it, or what kind(s) of fish she used. I do remember it was tomato based and there were no... Read More

SOUP’S ON / dad’s favorite Navy bean soup

By Larry Levine – White bean soup, Navy bean soup, Senate bean soup, Yankee bean soup … Call it what you want. But it’s still bean soup and on a cold winter evening it will warm the chilliest of bones. I grew up in a soup household. There was nothing my father,... Read More

SOUP’S ON / chicken soup like Mom made it

By Larry Levine – “Is it really colder than I remember it ever being, or am I just getting older and less able to deal with it?” A friend asked me that question in the closing days of 2014. I told him it’s probably some of each. Another friend said recently, “The best... Read More