FOOD BOOK REVIEW – “Save the Deli”

By Larry Levine – “Save the Deli” by David Sax tracks the history of Ashkenazi Jews – the plight they faced as they were chased around the globe, scapegoated, killed and survived for hundreds of years. And it is the story of the food they took with them... Read More

Food Book Review – Far Flung and Well Fed

By Larry Levine – Where to start? It’s about food; it’s about restaurants; it’s about diverse cultures; it’s about the people who cook food, grow food, raise food, appreciate food, earn their livings from food and in other ways make food a vital part of their... Read More

Food Book Review – Makerel at Midnight

By Larry Levine – The full title is Mackerel at Midnight – Growing up Jewish on a Remote Scottish Island. It’s written by Ethel G. Hofman, a syndicated food journalist, cookbook author and past president of the International Association of Culinary... Read More


By Larry Levine This is the recipe I created after reading about the dish in Mediterranean Summer (see recipes page on Table Talk at Later, I discovered a simpler recipe at the back of the book. The recipe in the book substitutes a pre-made marinara sauce... Read More

Food Book Review – Mediterranean Summer

By Larry Levine Author David Shalleck has worked for more than 20 years as a chef and producer of television food programs. This book, however, recounts the experiences of one magic summer in his youth, when he was hired on a 154-foot yacht as the chief cook with... Read More