DRY AGED FISH / no, it isn’t fish jerky

By Larry Levine The first time I heard the words “dry aged fish” I asked, “You mean like fish jerky.” Mark Okuda, owner of The Brothers Sushi in Woodland Hills CA, proceeded to tell me about an astounding new process created by a young man named Liwei (Lee-way) Liao... Read More

GEORGIA WITHOUT A PEACH, what’s the sense?

Strike two. We just spent three days in Georgia and couldn’t find a Georgia peach. Even at a restaurant where peach cobbler was on the menu, we were told they had run out of it. My thought, supported by the relatives we were visiting, was it was too early in the... Read More


By Larry Levine – CHAPTER ONE – GETTING THERE NO LONGER IS HALF THE FUN OF TRAVEL There’s an old saying among vacation travelers: Getting there is half the fun. It’s clearly is from another time, a distant memory of an era when travel was more glamourous and far... Read More