Power restaurant Michael’s in New York has a Cobb Salad on its lunch menu for $36. The Brown Derby’s Robert Cobb cobbled together “his” salad out of what he found in his L.A. restaurant’s refrigerator one night. In 1953, a Cobb salad in the Brown Derby went for $2.25.... Read More

The Little Whisk That Can

Beating a couple of eggs? You don’t need a huge whisk. The little one in the photo will do just fine. Don’t say, use a fork. Whisks do a better job of aeration. And don’t compare the little whisk, bought for $2.95 at Sur La Table, with the weensy razor Cary Grant... Read More

MY MOST MEMORABLE MEAL – Home Base, Florence

(MY MOST MEMORABLE MEAL is an occasional feature written by the co-hosts of the restaurant recommendation web site By Larry Dietz – There are people who can recite every course of a great meal they had years ago; I’m not one of them. In... Read More

BAY CITIES – Restaurant of the Week

By Larry Dietz – Bay Cities is an “international” deli in Santa Monica: a 20-foot long row of shelves devoted to olive oils and vinegars, another devoted to pasta, other shelves to sauces, canned fish – who buys those jumbo tins of anchovies – as well as ones... Read More

BARBRIX – Restaurant of the Week

By Larry Dietz – Barbrix is the sort of restaurant and wine bar every neighborhood should have; the Silverlake area of Los Angeles is that lucky location. The chef is Don Dickman, whose cooking at Rocca led Times’ reviewer Irene Virbilia to say that he’d... Read More

La HUASTECA – Restaurant of the Week

By Larry Dietz – I don’t want to oversell La Huasteca, although my first inclination is to write: “go there this minute.” The food is memorable, prepared by Chef Rocio Camacho, who made her mark in East L.A. at Moles La Tia. Now she’s performing on a larger... Read More


By Larry Dietz – Sure, New York City is a great restaurant town. Why shouldn’t it be? It’s got people with money and expense accounts. Many city residents live in apartments with tiny kitchens, which makes ambitious cooking at home difficult. And just as important, it... Read More


By Larry Dietz, I came to coffee relatively late in life, since my mother drank a perfunctory cup now and then and my father only had a cup after dinner. What they were drinking was already-ground drip coffee, out of a can that was likely to have been sitting open for... Read More


By Larry Dietz – One of the easiest food arguments to start is about the “best” pizza, although as food fights go, pizza is probably in a photo finish with burgers and barbecue. However, I think the notion of “best” is at best, a skewed way of looking at... Read More