Traditional Full English BreakfastBy Larry Levine –


How much weight will an American gain during a three-week visit to England?


It’s a real game, not some carnival trick.


If you can guess how much I will weigh the morning of July 14, 2014, you could win a $20 coffee card for either Starbucks or Coffee, Bean & Tea. Here’s the deal, as my three-year old granddaughter Alise would say:


I’m leaving Los Angeles the evening of June 22. I will spend the next three weeks in Southern England. We return to Los Angeles the evening of July 13. I will not weigh myself anywhere along the way. No scale will see the bottoms of my feet after the morning of June 22 until the morning of July 14.


I’ll tell you how much I weigh the morning of the day I depart. I’ll give you some history of my recent weight changes and what caused them. I’ll tell you the details of our trip and some of my English dietary proclivities. If you have any questions that might be relevant and help you arrive at your guess, I’ll answer them. And as a bonus, I will be publishing a running commentary on the trip with a focus on foods and restaurants.


The person who comes closest to guessing what I will weigh the morning of July 14 will be the winner. Tie breaker will go to the person who is closest under the actual weight. In case of a tie duplicate prizes will be awarded. If you change your mind as the trip unfolds you will be permitted to change you guess. But only your last guess will count.


Here’s your first hint: I love a full English fry up breakfast and we will be staying the bed and breakfasts most of the way. For practice see if you can name all the ingredients in a full English fry up.

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