Corned beef hash and egg breakfastBy Larry Levine –

Talk about stretching a piece of rib end pork loin. First night it was served marinated in Chinese flavors, sliced with roasted potatoes. First batch of left overs went into a hot pot for a second dinner. Last batch of left overs became breakfast on a bright sunny morning. It was my first ever attempt at hash and it turned out delicious. I’ve been cooking for 59 years and it feels wonderful to still be able to create new stuff. Here’s the recipe. Feel free to improvise.

1/2 lb left over pork loin cut into 1/4 inch cubes
1/2 brown onion diced very small
1/2 russet potato peeled and diced into 1/4 inch cubes
2 large eggs
Olive oil (not extra virgin)
Salt and pepper to taste.
Brown the onions in olive oil; boil the potatoes 4 min. until raw taste is gone, then drain thorougly to dry; set onions aside and sautee potatoes in butter in the same pan, adding salt and black pepper; set the potatoes aside; add the pork and onions to the pan to heat, sprinkling with salt and black pepper; fry the two eggs; add the potatoes back into the pan to heat. Spoon the hash on two plates and top with a fried egg.

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