By Larry Levine –

It’s spring time in Southern California and that means the beach, the sun, the surf and dinners on the coast. And at The Lobster in Santa Monica it’s all about seafood. There are a few other items on the menu, but this bustling place is all about seafood.

The Lobster is located right at the foot of Santa Monica Pier and the view includes the beach, the ocean, the Ferris wheel and the midway. The energy level and noise level are high and bring an air of excitement to the room. I usually shun overly noisy restaurants, but at The Lobster it seems to work.

In addition to Maine lobster, served steamed or grilled, the dinner menu over flows with shrimp, crab, oysters, calamari, scallops, mussels, monkfish, sea bass, salmon, halibut, barramundi, sole, tuna and more and the quality belies the old saw about not being able to get good food and a good view in the same place.

There’s a bustling bar scene and a small patio for sipping and gazing while you wait for your table, so think about getting there a half hour or so ahead of your reservation. It’s crowded and noisy and the dress is beach casual. But the food is very good and by the end of an evening you’ll feel very much a part of L.A.

The Lobster is located at 1602 Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica. Phone number is (310) 458-9294. Web site is

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