By Kathleen Poirier –

Driving a little further than my comfort zone in the San Fernando Valley is never a problem if the destination is a great restaurant. Before being introduced to Tacos Y Tortas Guadalahara by my friend Nicole, I had searched far and wide for the perfect tortas. Most were too salty, not spicy enough, too mushy, etc.

At Tacos Y Tortas Guadalajara, I found my perfect tortas restaurant: pork marinated and cooked to perfection in a fresh roll covered with a wonderful chili sauce and beans topped with onions. If my stomach was bigger I would have eaten two. Unfortunately I had to stop after my first.

For the two of us two tortas and two drinks – horchatas made fresh daily – the bill was less than $15. In addition to the wonderful tortas they serve authentic mole with beef and bacon, menudo, as well as tacos and burritos for the unadventurous. The menu is in Spanish but don’t worry, the staff speaks perfect English. Parking is a bit of a headache but it’s worth it.

Tacos Y Tortas Guadalajara is located at 716 S. Broadway in downtown Los Angeles. Phone number is (213) 689-7880. There is no web site. 


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