By Michelle Reynolds –

The Kitchen in Sacramento is as much theater as it is a place to eat. The reputation for unsurpassed quality and style is completely justified.

But you need to think ahead if you want to eat here. Reservations run three months in advance, longer if you want to sit at the counter, where patrons have a birds-eye view of the chefs at work.

There’s only one seating per evening and it’s at 8 o’clock. The menu is prix fixe, but for an extra charge you can get add-ons like foie gras and wine pairings.

Once seated, you are guided through the playbook of six courses, all of which are amazing in terms of flavor and design. As the Executive Chef runs through the listing of what’s to come, he’ll talk about the service and the origin of each of the key ingredients.

The wine list is incredible and an absolute bargain at retail prices; the sommelier is friendly and very helpful, which makes the restaurant a great place to learn about wine. If you choose to bring your own wine, there is a corkage fee of $20.00 for the first bottle, $30.00 for the second, and $40.00 for each additional.

It’s a deliberate menu but if you call ahead you can get it modified for vegetarians. Seconds are offered on all plates and even encouraged. But be sure to leave room for the sushi, sashimi, and crudo served immediately after the second course.

The Kitchen is located at 2225 Hurley Way, Suite 101. Phone number is (916) 568-7171. Web site is

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