By Lloyd Levine –

If you are an aficionado of Japanese food and happen to be in Sacramento Kru is the place to go. Kru won’t win the title of most well known sushi/Japanese restaurant in town, but it can make a very legitimate claim as the best.

I love Japanese food and in my opinion there are really two types of Japanese restaurants, originators and imitators. Kru is an originator. It’s a small place with an intimate feel with a focus on details, Kru reminds me of many of the great, unique sushi restaurants in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. but as far as I can tell this is the only one in Sacramento.

The décor at Kru is authentic and elegant but modern. Both the sushi and the plated dishes are beautiful and delicious and utilize only the best ingredients available. The menu changes regularly and specials abound, but if it isn’t on the menu and isn’t a special that day, just ask and if they have the ingredients you can get it. When you go, go with an open mind because if you let them, the chefs at Kru will amaze you.

Kru is located at 2516 “J” St. in Sacramento. Phone number is (916) 551-1559. The web site is

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