By Larry Levine

What do the River Café in Brooklyn and the Lobster, 1 Pico and Catch in Santa Monica have in common?

All three defy the old adage about the impossibility of getting good food and a good view at the same place by the water’s edge.

The River Café is in Brooklyn Heights, right at the foot of the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, USA. Through its broad picture windows diners are treated to a panorama of the Manhattan skyline. And off to the left, watching over the whole scene, is the Statue of Liberty.

It’s one of the most breath-taking man made views in the nation, especially at night. And the food at River Café is about as good a man made creation as any served anywhere in the nation. This restaurant would be worth the visit without the view. The view would be worth the visit without the food.

And get this – they still require that men wear jackets.

Now let’s trot across the nation to the west coast and the beach city of Santa Monica in Los Angeles County. Here you will find three restaurants, virtually within walking distance of each other, that serve up breath-taking sunsets along with excellent seafood. You can smell the water and hear the sounds of revelers on the beach at all three properties. And a walk across the bike path puts you on the sand.

Catch is in the Casa Del Mar Hotel and 1 Pico is around the corner in Shutters Hotel. Just a short jaunt up the road, at the foot of the Santa Monica Pier, is The Lobster. From all three one can see the light show on the Ferris wheel on the pier. And from all three one can watch the sun dip behind the mountains and paint the sky crimson and orange and pink and purple most nights the year round. In the spring and summer the sun seems to be setting in the north, an illusion created by the fact that the bay is south facing. It’s actually setting in the northwest.

There are other places along the west coast – restaurants, bars, parks – from which to view spectacular Pacific sunsets. Jump right in and tell us about some of them by commenting below.

But there is only one place from which to take in the Manhattan skyline, and the Statue of Liberty, and a fabulous meal all at the same time.

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