On the Inside

By Larry Levine - Mark Okuda eyed the slab of blue fin tuna on the cutting surface with respect. He turned it to a slightly different angle and paused the
There’s an elegance about a restaurant menu. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Michelin-starred, white tablecloth spot or a neighborhood burger joint. You’re greeted, led to a table and handed
Is there something you wouldn’t eat unless it was the last thing between you and starvation? And even then you would gag as it crossed your lips. That’s the kind
They’re like a swarm of bees as they buzz through the supermarket. They race from one display to the next, hurriedly plucking items to drop in their carts. In one
By Larry Levine – 527 home cooked dinners in 544 nights … then we tried something new. For 18 months I've cooked dinner for the two of us virtually every
By Larry Levine – I was in the kitchen a few nights ago, making the dressing for a tomato salad (recipe below) when something jumped to mind: when it comes
By Larry Levine – On the last night of my 82nd year I did two things I never had done before. 1) I grilled hot dogs on a barbeque. 2)
By Larry Levine – I wonder where they are, the four men whose combined years may total one-third of a millennium. They were there so many days, regulars at a
I doubt it’s a world record. It probably isn’t among the longest current streaks. But it’s a personal high of which I am proud. A few nights ago, Jennifer and

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