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HOT OFF THE STOVE / notes, comments, observations and links about any and all things food related
  By Larry Levine – January 26, 2019 – We said “good bye” tonight to one of my two favorite restaurants in California. With Toronto cousins Barry and Beverly, Jennifer
By Larry Levine – The sun was bright and the morning temperature had inched north of 60 degrees on the way to a high of 69 for the day. It
The one true international food / DUMPLINGS
By Larry Levine – Call them piroshky, or pierogi, or kreplach, sui mai, won tons, or quenelles, matzo balls, gefelte fish, ravioli or any of a thousand other names. You
A BIG STEP FOR A SUSHI CHEF AND HIS WIFE / the challenge of restaurant ownership
By Larry Levine – First, a question for our male readers: you are 36 years old; you are married and have two children – a boy, Shaun, 11, and a
THE GREAT HATCH CHILI EXPLOSION / 10 years ago I never heard of them, now they are everywhere (with a
By Larry Levine – Ten years ago I had never heard of a Hatch Chili. Then, somewhere along the way, my friend Carl D’Agostino mentioned them in a telephone conversation.
SUBS, HOAGIES, GRINDERS, TORPEDOES, FOOT-LONGS / a sandwich by any other name is still a dream come true
By Larry Levine – I’ve been eating submarine sandwiches for close to three-quarters of a century, since I tasted my first one with my dad in Brooklyn, NY in the
IS IT LOX, SMOKED SALMON, OR GRAVLAX? / let’s sort out the confusion
By Larry Levine – “Larry, please go to Abie’s and get a half pound of belly lox, sliced thin.” I heard those words often when we lived in Brooklyn, NY
BUT I STILL LOVE TO EAT / a 10th anniversary celebration
Chapter One – Facing the Hangman  “Nothing will focus a man’s mind so quickly as the prospect of being hanged at dawn.” – Samuel Johnson My “hanged at dawn” moment came
THIS TIME I WILL EAT HAGGIS / a tale of table and tee in the land where golf was born
By Larry Levine – This time I will eat haggis. I didn’t eat it last time I was in Scotland because of its off-putting reputation. I had long heard haggis

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