On the Inside

By Larry Levine – I was in the kitchen a few nights ago, making the dressing for a tomato salad (recipe below) when something jumped to mind: when it comes
By Larry Levine – On the last night of my 82nd year I did two things I never had done before. 1) I grilled hot dogs on a barbeque. 2)
By Larry Levine – I wonder where they are, the four men whose combined years may total one-third of a millennium. They were there so many days, regulars at a
I doubt it’s a world record. It probably isn’t among the longest current streaks. But it’s a personal high of which I am proud. A few nights ago, Jennifer and
By Larry Levine - Consecutive home-cooked dinner #259. Baked eggs. I’ve cooked dinner at home for Jennifer and me every night since March 16, 2020. We haven’t brought in dinner,
By Larry Levine – I went out to bring in the mail yesterday afternoon and it was cold. Sunny, but cold. I went out to bring in the newspapers from
By Larry Levine – I first met Pati Jinich one Saturday afternoon early this year. She was on her weekly PBS TV show, Pati’s Mexican Table. I was in my
By Larry Levine – You don’t have to be British, or as in my case married a Brit, but it helps. The English have a sometimes colorful, sometimes mystifying language
  By Larry Levine – Measured on a scale of more than 165,000 dead, the loss of some of our favorite restaurants doesn’t seem like much. Until we remember the

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