On the Inside

By Larry Levine – Cook once, eat twice. Or three times. That’s one of the secrets to how Jennifer and I have eaten home-cooked dinners 66 consecutive nights without getting
By Larry Levine – What would you do? Suppose you were waiting tables in a nice restaurant. You’ve been out of work for weeks because of the coronavirus shutdown. Now
By Larry Levine – People who cooked once a week, or once a month, or never … Now they’re cooking every night. Most are getting by. Some will become proficient.
By Larry Levine – I step off the curb to set out on my half-hour walk in the neighborhood. That’s what my doctors recommend in normal times, 30 minutes of
By Larry Levine – Grocery shopping today is not a question of “what do I need.” It’s as much a matter of “what do they have.” This was driven home
By Larry Levine - If you are reading this food magazine, it’s a good bet you don’t need someone to teach you how to shop for groceries. Good chance you
By Larry Levine - Five hours before the opening of Josiah Citrin’s newly re-christened restaurant, Citrin, in the Santa Monica CA space in which he previously operated the Michelin-starred Melisse,
By Larry Levine - I came across an old article from the Washington Post the other day about a dust-up in Minneapolis concerning an accusation of cultural appropriation of Chinese
By Larry Levine - I want to take this opportunity to apologize to everyone whose meals I diminished by smoking at the dinner table in a restaurant. That includes not

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